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Annual Physical:
Annual physical examination is performed in all patients. This examination covers detailed history, past and family history, social history with comprehensive examination including review of systems. Based on the clinical requirements and preventive guidelines, pertinent tests are also performed or recommended.
Women’s Healthcare:
As an organization we believe in preventative care for all over patients. We are specialized in handling his women's health care with the help of our physicians and nurse practitioner. We perform the Pap smears, bone density evaluations and other necessary test on site to expedite your care.
Sick Visit/ Urgi-care:
Sick visits are available on a daily basis to meet need of our patients. We make every possible effort to schedule your visit with your primary care physician. However, at times this is not feasible and at thus as you may be seen by another physician or nurse practitioner. In either case your follow-up visit is scheduled with your regular primary care physician.
Scheduled Visit:
The schedule visits are defined as regular visit to monitor the existing medical problems like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or congestive cardiac failure etc. We require that all patients with existing medical problem be seen on scheduled regular basis to prevent complications associated with the disease process or the medications prescribed for the disease.
Cardiac Consultation:
Cardiac consultations are provided the patients who were suspected of having underlying heart disease or are currently being treated medically for after coronary angioplasty; Coronary bypass surgery, hypertension , Congestive heart failure and lipid disorders as etc.
DOT: Physicals for the Department of Transportation are performed for the patients on regular basis Monday through Friday

Cardiac Services

Exercise Tolerance Test:
Exercise tolerance test/Stress Test is conducted to identify and manage patients with heart disease. The test is performed on a daily basis. The stress test at our center is supervised by a well-trained and experienced RN and a board certified cardiologist.
Nuclear Cardiology :
Nuclear imaging studies are performed to see if you have any underlying coronary artery blockages or to follow-up cardiac status after angioplasty or bypass surgery. Our SIEMENS dual head nuclear imaging camera, the state-of-the-art ECAM camera, minimizes your time for the study. Similar nuclear imaging camera with dual heads is being used in Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston for cardiac imaging.
Holter Monitoring:
Holter monitor is his utilized to analyze your heart rhythm on 24 hours bases. This test is very valuable in patients with palpitations and dizzy spells.
2-D Echocardiogram:
Echocardiograms are performed on site. We have a compact and digital system to evaluate the heart accurately. Highly qualified and experienced technicians perform these studies for the highest accuracy and quality. This test evaluates the strength of your heart muscle and efficiency of the heart valves etc.
Electrocardiogram is performed on site. This test is valuable in the evaluation of cardiac dysrhythmia, and heart disease.
Pacemaker Evaluation:
The pacemakers maintain the heart rhythm and are life-saving in nature. The pacemakers inserted either by our group or elsewhere are monitored on regular intervals. This ensures the patient's safety.
Automatic Internal Cardiac Defibrillator is a life saving device implanted to manage sudden death syndrome associated with ventricular fibrillation. This device is regularly monitored for its safety and functionality.

Other Services

Bone Density Evaluation:
Bone density evaluation is performed for detection of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis mean porous bone comprising of low bone mass and as a result of this, the bone is fragile and is susceptible to fractures, especially related to spine or hips. Approximately 1.5 million as fractures occur annually. The direct expenditure of these fractures was 18 Billion in 2002.
80% of the patient's very osteoporosis or female over the age of 50 years and 20% of the patients with osteoporosis are men over 50 years of age. Bone density evaluation by DEXA scan detects the osteoporosis at an early stage and with the appropriate therapy; we can prevent the osteoporosis and its complications like fractures